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Nourishing Day Cream For Dry and Sensitive Skin

with rose oil and goat milk

50 ml
Article code 992538

A new generation of active nourish and revitalization for dry, sensitive and easily wrinkled skin. It hydrates in depth, restores volume and softens wrinkles. The combination of goat milk, rose oil, argan oil and Q10 coenzyme compensate for the lack of building blocks and lead to intense cell division and renewal of skin structures.  For a visibly younger, silky smooth and healthy skin with a fresh and glowing tan. 


Арганово масло

Argan Oil

The oil is obtained from the argan tree, also called "the tree of life". It contains A + E vitamin and useful unsaturated fats which make it a powerful complex supporting skin youth. It prevents the appearance of new little wrinkles and smoothes the ones already present on the skin.

Розово масло

Rose Oil

Extracted from the blossoms of the famous Bulgarian oil-yielding rose, also known as "the queen of all essential oils". Over 300 active ingredients. Acting as an antioxidant preventing premature cell aging. It immediately restores skin elasticity and softness and removes excessive sensitivity.

Козе мляко

Goat Milk Protein

Bioactive goat milk components famous for their healing and rejuvenating properties since ancient times. The milk proteins supply priceless microelements and vitamins to cells in the deepest levels under the epidermis.

Q10 2

Q10 Coenzyme

It is a natural skin ingredient. It has the function of an antioxidant with a powerful action delaying aging. Its levels are depleted by age and the skin has less energy for fighting wrinkles and traces of aging. The active Q10 coenzyme restores skin energy and accelerates cell regeneration.