Vitalizing hair mask Vege Salad


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Vitalizing hair mask VEGE SALAD for strong and vibrant hair. Food for the senses and hair with 100% rose water and cocoa butter. Hair mask with innovative formula with natural extracts, oils and glycerin. Its vitalizing action nourishes in depth, thickens and strengthens the hair, giving volume and shine. Hydrates deeply and provides elasticity to the hair, preventing it from breaking. For strong, healthy and beautiful hair with silky shine and softness, without aggravations.


rozov ekstrakt

Rose Elixir

Product extracted from rose leaves. The rose elixir strengthens the skin barrier and improves its stamina, to create a feeling of freshness and energy.


Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is extracted from the cocoa beans of the fruits of the cocoa tree. Cocoa butter has a high content of antioxidants, with a strong moisturizing effect and it is especially useful for the treatment of dry, damaged skin, because it is easily absorbed and stays on the skin for hours. In addition, thanks to the pleasant aroma it perfectly relaxes the senses, and also has a positive effect on the nervous system - has a soft but stable effect to improve the mood as well as it activates the body to produce "the hormones of happiness".

natural oil2

Natural Oils

Since immemorial times, natural oils have been extracted and used in cosmetics. The benefits and their positive effect on the health and good appearance of the skin and hair are undeniable. They have nourishing, softening, smoothing and hydrating properties. Natural oils are well recognised by the human skin, as they both have a similar organic composition. This is the main reason why they have such an indisputable and concrete impact on it. When skin cells are nourished, they are healthy, vital and resistant to the side effects of the environment.


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