FRUIT SALAD 3in1 Micellar water

with cucumber and aloe extract

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FRUIT SALAD 3 in 1 micellar water with natural rose water and cucumber and aloe extracts for clean and hydrated skin. 1 Gently cleanses the skin in depth. 2 Effectively removes even waterproof make-up from face, eyes and lips, remaining gentle on eyelashes. 3 Natural rose water combined with added extracts of cucumber and aloe provide hydration, soothe and refresh tired skin in the first step of your daily beauty ritual. Helps fight skin imperfections. Suitable for all skin types.

Apply using a cotton pad to remove makeup. No additional rinsing with water is necessary.


rose water

Natural Rose Water

Extract from the blossoms of the famous Bulgarian oil-yielding rose. It has the magic power of clean natural ingredients and is anti-inflammatory and softening.


Aloe vera juice

Also known as the "plant of immortality", Aloe has been used for centuries, since the days of Ancient Egypt, by men and women to deal with a number of skin problems - sunburn, dry skin, acne, stretch marks, irritated scalp, etc. . In todays day and age, aloe skin care products are formulated in a way, so that they are easy to apply, have quick results, soothe and hydrate the skin. Vitamins A, C and E contained in aloe vera additionally nourish and restore the skin.


Cucumber extract

Cucumbers are not only a delicious vegetable that has a great effect on the figure, but also a tried and tested natural beauty product. Due to the similar pH, cucumbers normalize the skin microflora and prolong its youth. It consists of 95% water, which makes it a perfect ingredient for deep hydration of the skin. It contains important elements such as magnesium, potassium, biotin, vitamin A and B1, which have a beneficial effect on stress relief, hydration, hair and skin healing, and also protection against UV rays.


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