Gift set Fruit Salad

with watermelon, melon and honey

Article code 3800162508096

Consists of shampoo 200ml, shower gel 200ml, sugar body scrub 200ml and gift bag


fruit juice

100% natural fruit juice

Natural fruit juices are rich in fruit acids, vitamins, microelements and salts, as well as many other biological substances that nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Fruit juices are natural and absolutely harmless ingredients, but with a proven effect in the fight against oxidative stress. Their irresistible aromas are food for the body and the senses.


Natural sugar

Natural sugar crystals are an exfoliating agent of natural origin, which effectively remove dry and dead skin, smoothe and stimulate the natural processes of regeneration of the epidermis. Stimulate blood circulation and increase the effectiveness of used cosmetics.


Regenerating and moisturizing ingredients

In the formula are additionally included hydrating and regenerating ingredients in various proportions such as cocoa butter, milk protein, natural rose water, honey, herbal extracts and others.


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