HYDRATING SHOWE GEL yoghurt, rose water and dark chocolate

fruit salad

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Moisturizing shower gel with a delicate cleansing formula with natural rose water, milk protein and cocoa butter, which nourish the skin with vitamins and neutralize stress. Rich moisturizing care, food for the senses with a relaxing aroma. For even better results, use together with a sugar scrub for face and body NATURE OF AGIVA FRUIT SALAD.
With care for nature NATURE OF AGIVA develops the products in the series in a NEW and innovative packaging:

  • Recyclable and Eco friendly production technology, approved by RecyClass Europe;
  • Reduce - produced at 10% lower consumption of raw materials to achieve lighter packaging and at the same time minimize carbon emissions;
  • Recycle - 100% recyclable without residues;
  • Reuse - made of a material suitable for re-use in production


fruit juice

100% natural fruit juice

Natural fruit juices are rich in fruit acids, vitamins, microelements and salts, as well as many other biological substances that nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Fruit juices are natural and absolutely harmless ingredients, but with a proven effect in the fight against oxidative stress. Their irresistible aromas are food for the body and the senses.


Regenerating and moisturizing ingredients

In the formula are additionally included hydrating and regenerating ingredients in various proportions such as cocoa butter, milk protein, natural rose water, honey, herbal extracts and others.


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