Gentle Body Scrub

with gentle exfoliating particles

200 ml
Article code 92430

Body scrub for instant skin regeneration. Gives ultimate hydration thanks to the olive oil in a combination with the exfoliating effect of the apricot kernels, which transforms the epidermis and removes any dead cells. Your skin is nourished, smooth, and soft.


Маслиново масло

Natural Olive Oil

The oil from the Mediterranean Olive Tree has ancient power and miraculous properties. It provides a rich complex of vitamins and minerals for fast hydration. It is true "liquid gold" for a smoother and younger skin. It quickly restores damaged cells and stimulates their renewal.

Масло кайсиеви ядки

Apricot Nut Oil

It has moisturizing and regenerating properties. It acts as a natural filter, filling and smoothing wrinkles.


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