Makeup Remover Anti-Wrinkle Wipes

with Mediterranean olive extract

20 pcs
Article code 2322

Compact makeup remover wipes for seamless cleansing of even waterproof makeup with revitalizing effect. These wipes will successfully bring back the luminous and healthy look of your skin. The specially designed formula is created to stimulate the natural rejuvenation of the epidermis and the regeneration of the delicate eye zones, forehead, and lips. Rediscover the shine of youth with clean and refreshed skin. Ideal when travelling and a necessary accessory in every woman’s purse. This product does not irritate the eyes.



Natural Olive Extract

The Mediterranean olive extract has ancient power and miraculous qualities. It provides a rich complex of vitamins and minerals for rapid hydration. True "liquid gold" for smoother and rejuvenated skin. Expressly regenerates damaged cells and stimulates their renewal.



It protects from sunburn, it stimulates the natural pigmentation of the skin and has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.


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