Lifting Serum with Bio Rose Water

intensive anti-wrinkles hydration

30 ml
Article code 990118

Deeply hydrating lifting serum enriched with bio rose water from the flowers of the Bulgarian Damask Rose for a gentle effect with the help of the power of nature. The extracts from mayweed, horse chestnut, and marigolds actively fight wrinkles, improve skin elasticity; make the skin soft and fresh. The formula with vitamin Е and almond oil speeds up the skin’s nourishment and regeneration processes. Regular use reduces traces of tiredness and helps for illuminating and fresh looking face. Suitable for any skin type.


Органично бадемово масло

Almond Oil

It has been used, for time immemorial, for its lipid structure which is close to that of human skin and therefore is easily absorbed. It acts fast stimulating collagen synthesis and acting on skin of any type and age. It nourishes, hydrates and moisturizes in depth.

rose water

Natural Rose Water

Extract from the blossoms of the famous Bulgarian oil-yielding rose. It has the magic power of clean natural ingredients and is anti-inflammatory and softening.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

This is an active antioxidant which protects the skin from premature aging and external impacts. Its effect on epidermis contributes to the skin's constant hydration, softness and smoothness.

calendula 500x500px

Calendula extract

Calendula is a well known and widespread plant. Calendula flowers contain essential oil, which in turn contains more than 45 compounds. Also contains: flavonoids, triterpenoids, sterols, carotenoids, pyrogaline tannins.

horse chestnut 500x500px

Wild chestnut

Wild chestnut extract dampen, moisturizes, tones and refreshes the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Helps to flush skin after sunburn.

camomile 500x500px

Chamomile extract

Chamomile extract is extracted in pure glycerin. With its very gentle and useful properties, chamomile is irreplaceable with its anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect. Suitable for all skin types. Soothes irritations and is highly hydrated.


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