Roses from Bulgaria

Nature of Agiva Roses brings the magical power of pure natural ingredients, extracted from the fresh flowers of fragrant Bulgarian rose. The products with natural rose water and rose oil provide intense moisturizing and nourishing care for every skin and hair type.

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Fruit Salad

All the products from the cosmetic lines Fruit & Vege Salad, contain 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices - a real salad for thirsty skin and hair! Food for the body and the senses, which provides a deeply hydrating and nourishing effect in combination with irresistible aromas.

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Mediterranean Olives

Nature of Agiva Olives gives the skin active anti-wrinkle care and rapid reconstruction of dry and treated hair, thanks to natural Mediterranean olive oil and extract.

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Иновативни решения за чувствителна кожа.
Козметика с ефективни и нежни съставки за перфектен баланс.

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French Lavender

Nature of Agiva Lavender provide skin soothing care thanks to the natural lavender oil and lavender extract. A cosmetic line with regenerating, illuminating and nourishing effect on the skin and hair.

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