Natural hair mask for dried and treated hair VEGE SALAD

with bamboo extract

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Regenerating mask for dry and treated hair VEGE SALAD with 96% natural composition. Food for the senses and hair with bamboo extract and a complex of natural oils. Restores strength and nourishes dry and frequently treated hair. Bamboo extract is rich in vitamins, minerals and silicon, thanks to which it improves the condition of the scalp and stimulates hair growth, gives elasticity and volume. In combination with five valuable oils, biotin and panthenol, it nourishes and restores hair in depth. As a result, the hair is renewed, shiny and silky soft to the touch


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Bamboo extract

Traditional medicine of the East from ancient times knows the healing properties of bamboo and uses every part of it as a medicine.
Bamboo extract has the wonderful property of cleansing blood vessels and increasing the skin's resistance to environmental factors. Stimulates collagen production, moisturizes and soothes.

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Natural Oils

Since immemorial times, natural oils have been extracted and used in cosmetics. The benefits and their positive effect on the health and good appearance of the skin and hair are undeniable. They have nourishing, softening, smoothing and hydrating properties. Natural oils are well recognised by the human skin, as they both have a similar organic composition. This is the main reason why they have such an indisputable and concrete impact on it. When skin cells are nourished, they are healthy, vital and resistant to the side effects of the environment.



Biotin is an increasingly popular ingredient in hair care. Regularly used cosmetics with vitamin B7 moisturize the hair, smooth it, give shine and make hair more flexible. Thanks to biotin, the structure of the hair is improved and the hair looks thicker.


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