2in1 Scented ribbon bath sponge with watermelon, melon and honey

with soap pearls

1 pcs.
Article code 770002

2in1 Scented ribbon bath sponge with soap pearls ROSES BODY FRUIT SALAD - 100% fruit salad for thirsty skin watermelon, melon and honey.
FRUIT SALAD ribbon bath sponge - watermelon, melon and honey, creates a rich layer of gentle and cleaning foam. Food for the senses and skin with 100% fascinating fruit scents. 2in1 product: 1.Scented ribbon bath sponge; 2.Gentle soap pearls with no need of other soap or shower gel. Use 10-15 times (this may vary based on the duration of use and water temperature). You can continue using as a regular ribbon bath sponge.


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