Repairing hand cream VEGE SALAD

with extracts from avocado oil

Article code 999127

Regenerating natural formula, especially suitable for dry and taut skin on the hands. Eliminates the feeling of dryness and irritation immediately, thanks to the high concentrations of GLYCERIN, in combination with AVOCADO oil. Suitable for frequent hand washing, quickly restores the hydro-lipid balance of the skin. Regular use the skin becomes silky SMOOTH, SOFT and with RESTORED elasticity.




It has the qualities to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin by creating an invisible layer, thereby protecting it from adverse weather conditions and dirt. Soothes and moisturizes the skin without the unpleasant feeling of oiling.


Avocado Oil

Avocado is one of the natural resources, whose properties rank it at the forefront of the cosmetics industry, and its hydrating and rejuvenating properties are especially valued. The fruit is rich in minerals, as well as vitamins A, C and E. Avocado oil is one of the most simillar to the human skin, has an antioxidant effect and helps against the harmful effects of UV rays and thus keeps the skin healthy and supple.


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