with rose oil, argan and marine collagen

30 ml
Article code 92632

 A special formula developed to deeply hydrate the skin around the eyes and to remove delicate wrinkles. It has a strong anti-aging effect. It removes puffiness, dark circles and traces of fatigue and makes your eyes sparkle.  


Морски колаген

Marine Collagen

It is extracted from fish and mussels. The molecules of this collagen have a similar structure to human ones. In time the activity of collagen producing cells decreases which leads to reduced collagen levels in the skin and to loss of elasticity. Therefore the addition of collagen prevents the first signs of skin aging.

Арганово масло

Argan Oil

The oil is obtained from the argan tree, also called "the tree of life". It contains A + E vitamin and useful unsaturated fats which makes it a powerful complex supporting skin youth. It prevents the appearance of new little wrinkles and smoothes the ones already present on the skin.

Розово масло

Rose Oil

Extracted from the blossoms of the famous Bulgarian oil-yielding rose, also known as "the queen of all essential oils". Over 300 active ingredients. Acting as an antioxidant preventing premature cell aging. It immediately restores skin elasticity and softness and removes excessive sensitivity.


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