Restorative hair mask VEGE SALAD

with olive and protein

Article code 990402

Restorative mask for dry and treated hair VEGE SALAD. Food for your senses and hair with 100% natural olive oil, glycerin and panthenol. Restores strength and regenerates exhausted and thin hair from root to tip. The added proteins hydrate and smooth the hair and give irresistible shine and vitality. A protective film is formed, which fills its structure, seals the edges and prevents flowering.




It protects from sunburn, it stimulates the natural pigmentation of the skin and has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Маслиново масло

Natural Olive Oil

The oil from the Mediterranean Olive Tree has ancient power and miraculous properties. It provides a rich complex of vitamins and minerals for fast hydration. It is true "liquid gold" for a smoother and younger skin. It quickly restores damaged cells and stimulates their renewal.

rastitelen protein

Plant proteins

A combination of plant proteins, help to increase your hair density, have a restorative effect, help reduce electrification and give shine to your hair. They strengthen hair follicles and prevent premature aging, dryness and hair loss.


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