Hair mask for hair loss VEGE SALAD

with garlic and protein

Article code 990405

Restoring mask for thin hair VEGE SALAD. Food for your senses and hair with 100% natural extract of garlic, glycerin and panthenol. The added protein restores strength and regenerates exhausted and thin hair from root to tip. The rich content of selenium and vitamins in garlic stimulates growth and complements the care of hair loss. As a result, the hair is soft, shiny, strengthened and without dry ends.




It protects from sunburn, it stimulates the natural pigmentation of the skin and has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.


Garlic extract

Garlic is a plant with many proven healing properties, rightly called "superfood". Garlic extract is rich in vitamins and flavonoids, which have a strong antioxidant, cleansing and soothing effect, protecting the color and stimulating hair growth. The allicin, selenium, zinc, copper and vitamin C contained in it are great for improving skin health and have anti-inflammatory properties.

rastitelen protein

Plant proteins

A combination of plant proteins, help to increase your hair density, have a restorative effect, help reduce electrification and give shine to your hair. They strengthen hair follicles and prevent premature aging, dryness and hair loss.


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